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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Independent reading book response

Response to Homeboyz
By; Alan Lawrence Sitomer.
            The thing that gets me mad about this book is that it is not realistic to me. It is about a 17-year- old kid named Teddy Anderson who has a sister who was shot and died. Now he mad and want to get revenge and kill the person that shot his sister. And he happens to be this computer Wiz, and looked at someone's profile and found out who killed his sister....
I don't know it seems fake to me. But it doesn't stop there. Then he finds out people who know about the shooting, and Attempts to kill them, then he some how gets caught and arrested, then he is released if he agrees to help this troubled kid from a middle school. FAKE, then they end up hating each other (the 17 year old and an 11 year old)
And the rest of the book is about these to kids trying to be friends with each other and they end up loving each other. And the 17 year old parents adopt the kid, (he is in a foster home) and the book ends.....I
I honestly thought it was dumb because there really wasn't a point in the book, i don not recommend this book to ANYBODY and if you really want to read it for some reason, there are some parts that are DUMB boring, (I just skipped it).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alberta wrote an interesting sonnet, about a dream she had where she was experiencing a lot of confusion. In stanza #3 Alberta expresses how she is using everything she has left in her, to create this tower, and when she is almost done it slowly disappears with only a memory left.

I think that Olivia's sonnet about the rose, was a really powerful description. It describes how an object  is slowly dying, yet she holds on to it and keeps it, almost as if she is proud that it is hers, yet it is turning into an ugly flower that no longer looks the way it was before.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Narrative Poem


There once was a young bird that was looking for his nest.
Where or where is my nest?
He remembered the nest was next to the river where it was cool.
Where or where is my nest?
The bird was tired of looking and not finding his warm nest.
He decided to wait by the river and see if he could somehow see it
Where or where is my nest?
As he cried out for his nest, he discovered that he could sing and carry a tune,
people stopped and watched and listened to his cries.
Where or where is my nest?
The bird started to feel happy and sad at the same time
He could make people stop and listen but he could not find his nest.
Where or where is my nest?
Finally, he looked up high in the sky and there it was his nest on the tree.
Now he will always sing to the people to remind himself of his nest!
                Where or where is my nest?
                Where or where is my nest?
What a happy song!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Charlotte's Web

I dont like the way wilbur cries and complaines so much on page 50. when the sheep tells him that there going to cook him for cristmas. Ok i would agree i would feel confused and disturbed. But i wouldent spend my rest short life. i would enjoy it. Do wiered things. Not cry and complaine like the OH SO SPECIAL WILBUR.